Policy discussion to explore roles of policymakers and influencers in mainstreaming natural farming (Source: National Coalition for Natural Farming)


Published On: 9th July, 2021 | Duration: 2 hours, 10 minutes, 39 seconds



 Key takeaways from the session were : 


- Chief Guest Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman Niti Aayog, emphasises on the need to conduct large scale studies and create evidence on the merits of NF instead of trying to establish the truth by more aggressive assertion. Comparative studies between NF vis-a-vis conventional farming have to be carried out in a scientifically holistic manner to look beyond yield as the only parameter. 


- Academic community plays a substantial role in credible data generation on linking NF to our international commitments of greenhouse gas reduction, which can be translated into monetary terms and factored into a policy so that farmers can be incentivised for transitioning to NF.  


- A key policy lever to diversify the basket of public procurement is needed to promote crop diversification


- Agriculture must be linked to public services and the need of the moment is to call for integrated public services to be activated in which agriculture must become a public commons where all the systems must be directed towards making agriculture viable and sustainable.  


The speakers were Mr T Vijay Kumar, Prof Kanchan Chopra, Dr Aninhalli R Vasavi, Dr Richa Kumar, and Dr. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel.


Dr. Mihir Shah moderated the session.

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