Every second COVID case and death reported in May 2021 was from rural India -Nidhi Jamwal

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published Published on Jun 7, 2021   modified Modified on Jun 12, 2021


Last month, 53% of new cases and 52% of deaths due to the coronavirus were from rural districts of India, finds the ‘State of India’s Environment 2021’ report. What makes the situation more worrisome is the acute shortage of healthcare staff in rural India — a 76.1% shortfall of specialists at the CHC level.

Rural India, where two-thirds of Indians live, did not escape the fury of the second wave of the COVID19 pandemic. Latest data collated and analysed by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a New Delhi-based environmental research organisation, shows that every second COVID case and death recorded in the country in May 2021 was from rural districts.

The ‘State of India’s Environment 2021’, the latest data report by CSE, goes on to note that in the first 26 days of May, globally, India accounted for every other new COVID-19 case and every third death due to the infection. This also means every fourth case reported in the world last month was from rural India.

Gaon Connection has been consistently reporting on the rise of the COVID infections in villages across the country. On the one hand, there was a sharp increase in cases registered in rural India, and on the other, there was a shortage of testing facilities, COVID wards and basic health services.

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GaonConnection.com, 7 June, 2021, https://en.gaonconnection.com/every-2nd-covid-case-and-death-reported-in-may-2021-was-from-rural-india-covid19-second-wave-rural-india-covid19-deaths/

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