Expert panel bars release of Bhopal tragedy research findings -Jacob Koshy

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published Published on Nov 29, 2019   modified Modified on Nov 29, 2019
-The Hindu

Report on congenital deformities in children born to women exposed to the 1984 gas leak is inconclusive, says committee.

An expert committee explicitly barred the publication of the findings of a research study that said babies born to women — who as children were exposed to the 1984 gas leak in Bhopal — were significantly more likely to have “congenital malformations” than those born to women unexposed to the gas.

The study had methodological flaws, was poorly designed and its findings were inconclusive, the committee ruled. First conceived in 2012, the study underwent design and methodology reviews by multiple committees before it was commissioned at a cost of Rs.48 lakh.

The expert committee consisted of scientists from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi; the National Institute for Research in Environmental Health (NIREH), Bhopal; and the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

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The Hindu, 29 November, 2019,

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