Flawed Covid-19 Database Source Of Decisions To Ease Lockdown -Mridula Chari & Nitin Sethi

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published Published on May 15, 2020   modified Modified on May 17, 2020


The Centre’s ‘single source of truth’ in easing lockdowns is a database of Covid-19 cases ridden with unverified data, duplicate names and other flaws. States, some protesting at the confusion, use another database and only in five states do the two databases tally.

Mumbai: Two of four parameters that the Centre currently uses to decide severity of the Covid-19 pandemic and ease lockdown restrictions are based on an inaccurate database maintained by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), according to documents available with Article 14.

107 days after India detected its first Covid-19 case, the Centre announced 78,000 total cases on 14 May 2020, but the ICMR database—declared by the government as the “single source of truth”—used to collate these figures has unverified data, duplicate and wrong names and other data-collection and data-entry flaws, our investigations revealed.

On 29 April, the ICMR database used by the Centre recorded 5,024 different active Covid-19 cases than the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) database used by the states, with the two databases showing the same figures in only five states and three union territories, with no more than 16 cases between them. The rest showed either fewer or more cases from state to state.

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Article-14.com, 15 May, 2020, https://www.article-14.com/post/flawed-covid-19-database-source-of-decisions-to-ease-lockdown

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