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published Published on Apr 19, 2021   modified Modified on Apr 21, 2021

Resolve issues of land rights, economic justice and political equality proactively to address this socio-political conflict

April 3, 2021: 22 security personnel killed by Communist Party of India (Maoist) cadres in the Tarrem area of Bijapur-Sukma border of Chhattisgarh.

March 21, 2020: 17 security personnel, including 12 from the District Reserve Group, killed in a Maoist ambush in the Minpa area of the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh.

Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) is the official name for the insurrection in the ten States of Central and Eastern region. It is also popularly called as ‘Naxalism’ or ‘Maoism’. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described the problem as the single biggest internal security challenge of the country, in 2006. Currently out of the 640 districts in India, 106 districts are experiencing insurrection in varying forms and intensity.

Historical, Contemporary Factors

LWE is an insurrection that needs to be understood from historical and contemporary perspectives. It has to be seen as the continuation of the Telangana and Tebhaga insurrection (1946-51) and Naxalbari uprisings (1967). The evolution of modern nation-state, cultural appropriation of disadvantaged sections of society, especially Adivasis, and conflict between state-led Vs self-governance are some of the historical factors that have contributed to the development of insurrection.

The model of development adopted by the Indian state, structural issues of development such as poverty, social exclusion, displacement, loss of livelihood, denial of rights over natural resources, coercive land acquisition, and impact of mining on local communities and youth-related issues (demographic dividend, unemployment) are the contemporary factors that are responsible for the emergence of political extremism in Fifth Schedule Areas.

The Indian state and the Maoist party have failed in ensuring peace and good governance in the Fifth Schedule areas. The Union Home Ministry in its annual report of 2018-19 notes that the “resolute implementation of the National Policy and Action Plan by the Government has resulted in significant improvement in the Left-Wing Extremism scenario across the country. Last five years have seen a significant decline in LWE violence as well as the geographical spread of LWE”.

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