Heatwaves in India could soon break human survivability limit, says World Bank analysis -Nandita Banerji

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published Published on Dec 7, 2022   modified Modified on Dec 8, 2022

-Down to Earth

Poor, marginalised to be worst hit; Economic productivity to be jeopardised too

A new report by the World Bank suggests India could soon become one of the first places in the world to experience heatwaves that break the human survivability limit.

Climate Investment Opportunities in India’s Cooling Sector said the country is experiencing higher temperatures that arrive earlier and stay far longer. India has witnessed a concurrent increase in meteorological droughts and heatwaves over the last 60 years, past studies have found. 

The report was released during the two-day “India Climate and Development Partners’ Meet” being organised by the World Bank in partnership with the Kerala government.

India was plunged into the grip of a punishing early spring heatwave in April 2022 that brought the country to a standstill. Temperatures in the capital, New Delhi, topped 46 degrees Celsius.

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Down to Earth, 7 December, 2022, https://www.downtoearth.org.in/news/climate-change/heatwaves-in-india-could-soon-break-human-survivability-limit-says-world-bank-analysis-86431

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