MHA stops sharing data on Communal Incidents which it did till 2017 -Bharath Kancharla

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published Published on Feb 21, 2020   modified Modified on Mar 10, 2020

Debate on communal riots is a constant in public discourse these days. While NCRB provides data on riots with a  ‘communal/religious’ reasons, the Home Ministry which provided data on communal incidents till 2017 has now stopped providing such data.

Over the past few years, communal incidents and riots have been constant in public discourse. Data provided by law enforcement authorities does indicate a substantial number of communal incidents every year across the country.

In an earlier story on Factly, the trends relating to communal riots were analysed until the year 2017. In this story, we look at the incidence of communal riots as per NCRB’s (National Crime Record Bureau) Crime in India (CII) – 2018 report.

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