Migrant Worker Crisis: The Supreme Court Has Abdicated All Responsibility -Jagdeep S Chhokar

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published Published on May 19, 2020   modified Modified on May 20, 2020


In a petition seeking to mitigate the miseries of migrant workers, the top court also indulged in what under normal circumstances would be considered frivolous talk.

“How can we stop migrants from walking”, the Supreme Court is reported to have asked on May 15, 2020. The questions seemed quite incongruous on the face of it but bordered on being bizarre when seen in the light of a statement made by the solicitor general (SG) of India in the Supreme Court on March 31, 2020, that “there is no person walking on the roads in an attempt to reach his/her home towns/villages”. This was reportedly said while filing an affidavit on behalf of, none other than, the Union of India!”

Some other reportage of the same event also had SG Tushar Mehta saying, “I have instructions to state that no one is now on the road. Anyone who was outside has been taken to the available shelters”. The same report also quoted him as having said, “Home Secretary makes an official statement on record to say ‘as of 11AM on March 31, nobody is in the road. They have all been taken to the nearest shelter available’”.

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TheWire.in, 19 May, 2020, https://thewire.in/law/supreme-court-migrant-workers-crisis-abdicate-responsibility

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