More Confusion, Less Benefits Mar E-Shram Registration Process -Shreya Adhikari and Debojit Dutta

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published Published on May 9, 2022   modified Modified on May 10, 2022

Across India, unorganised workers registering for the e-Shram card have to wade through rumours of monetary benefits, fear of fraud, and a daunting process.

On June 31, 2021, in response to a petition on the struggles faced by migrant workers during the pandemic, the Supreme Court directed the central government to accelerate the process of building a database of unorganised workers. The government responded by launching the e-Shram portal – a national database of unorganised workers – in August 2021.

The idea of e-Shram is laudable in what it aims to achieve. There is no comprehensive database in India that provides information on workers across the length and breadth of the informal sector. E-Shram, however, takes into account a worker’s name, occupation, address, educational qualifications, skill types, and family details. It includes construction workers, domestic workers, street vendors, beauticians, waiters, rickshaw drivers, among others who are often unable to access the benefits of government schemes and policies.

The government has invested in nationwide awareness campaigns on e-Shram registration with banners, advertisements, and coordination through non-profit partners working on the ground. According to news reports, by the end of November 2021, 91 million of the expected 380 million workers in the unorganised sector had already registered with the portal. However, these are just numbers. The ground reality is that e-Shram registration is an arduous process, and there is a considerable amount of apprehension and confusion among workers about its eventual benefits.

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This article was originally published on, 9 May, 2022,

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