NSO survey: Most farmers selling in local markets, government agencies procure the least -Richard Mahapatra

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published Published on Sep 13, 2021   modified Modified on Sep 15, 2021

-Down to Earth

Farmers in general satisfied with return from local sale, but a significant percentage of them get lower than market price

The majority of Indian farmers sell their produce in local markets, the 77th round of the National Sample Survey by the National Statistical Office titled Land and livestock holdings of households and situation assessment of agricultural households has found. Government agencies and Agricultural Produce Market Committees account for an insignificant portion of farmers’ produce sales.

For the 18 types of crops, including paddy, wheat and arhar covered under the survey, farmers sold 55-93 per cent of their produce in local markets. In APMC markets, it ranged from 3-22 per cent; while government procurement accounted for 2-14 per cent. Farmers preferring to sell in local markets are the trend across crops.

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Down to Earth, 13 September, 2021, https://www.downtoearth.org.in/blog/agriculture/nso-survey-most-farmers-selling-in-local-markets-government-agencies-procure-the-least-79005?fbclid=IwAR25iU_DAQgRG397TRpjZUW1UELZbr5GxtruTBonGuL_sVxGLusq_dnetyU

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