Over 3 Lakh Hectares of Forest Land Diverted for Non-Forest Use in the Last 15 Years - Sai Krishna Muthyanolla

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published Published on Aug 21, 2023   modified Modified on Aug 21, 2023

The recently concluded Parliament session saw the passage of the highly controversial “Forest Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2023” amid wide protests and without much discussion. The bill is aimed to amend the erstwhile Forest Conservation Act, 1980. Among the changes suggested, the below preamble was inserted into the act, and the “Forest (Conservation) Act” is substituted by “Van (Sanrakshan Evam Samvardhan) Adhiniyam” in the principal Act.

While the Environment Ministry claims that this bill eliminates ambiguities in the applicability of the act, conservationists, and other environmentalists fear that this bill could open the floodgates of forest clearances without any restrictions.

But what is the status of forest land diversion in India and what is the extent of compensatory afforestation done in India?

With a view to regulating the diversion of forest land and check for further deforestation, the Government of India enacted the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. The act put restrictions on the use of forest land for non-forest purposes.  Prior to the enactment of the act, a total of 4.1 million hectares of forest land was diverted over a period of 25 years between 1951-52 to 1975-76, without undertaking any mitigative measures. The average annual rate of diversion during this period was about 1.65 lakh hectares.

After the enactment of the act, over the forty-year period between 1980 and 2021, a total of 9.9 lakh hectares of forest land is diverted for non-forestry purposes. The average annual rate of diversion during this period came down to around 23,618 hectares. This signifies the role played by the act in minimizing the forest land diversion, while also partly indicating why governments may be keen to make amendments to this act.

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Sai Krishna Muthyanolla, Factly.in, 21 August, 2023, https://factly.in/data-over-3-lakh-hectares-of-forest-land-diverted-for-non-forest-use-in-the-last-15-years/

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