Rescripting north-east Delhi riots -- and the question of justice -Vikas Kumar and Radhika Chitkara

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published Published on May 16, 2020   modified Modified on May 17, 2020

-The Hindu

While police seek to project a ‘conspiracy’ behind the riots, all FIRs pertaining to the violence must be opened to public scrutiny

Arshad Alam, Amaan Iqbal, Deepak Kumar, Mohammad Hamza and many others were killed in communal riots that convulsed north-east Delhi in late February 2020. Many more were injured, or victims of arson.

The Home Minister stated on March 11 that “over 700 FIRs” had been filed. Yet about 80 days after the riots started, little is known to the public about the status of most cases as the police aggressively and selectively pursue a few FIRs and seek to project a so-called “conspiracy” behind the riots, led by anti-CAA protest organisers.

Significantly, 38 out of 53 recorded killed in the riots were Muslims, as were majority of those otherwise affected. Most anti-CAA protest organisers being targeted by the police under the supposed “conspiracy” are also Muslims. This line of investigation is being followed with suspicious speed, under twin pressures – COVID-19 lockdown and under threat of the draconian UAPA, added to one of the FIRs (FIR 59/20 of 6.3.20) police are pursuing – both curbing the ability and right of those arbitrarily implicated to access legal help.

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The Hindu, 16 May, 2020,

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