Richest companies have the lowest tax liability -Tina Edwin

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published Published on Feb 5, 2018   modified Modified on Feb 5, 2018
-The Hindu Business Line

They milk tax breaks in ways that smaller firms can’t, paying only 23.9% tax on average

New Delhi:
India’s most profitable companies paid 23.9 per cent tax on an average on their profits for financial year 2016-17, about 10.7 percentage points lower than the statutory rate of 34.6 per cent, helped by a wide range of concessions and incentives, the latest Budget documents show.

These companies, 335 in all, may see little change to their tax liability if the corporate tax was cut to 25 per cent and all concessions withdrawn immediately. Each of these 335 companies had reported profits before tax of Rs. 500 crore or more for the 2016-17 financial year. In comparison, companies with profits less than ?500 crore paid about 29 per cent tax, as did those with profit less than Rs. 1 crore, an analysis by the Revenue Department found.

Small cos at a ‘disadvantage’

Ths smallest companies rarely manage to take advantage of various tax incentives and concessions that the law permits, and therefore bear higher tax liability. The pattern of tax incidence for companies of different sizes was not very different for the previous years.

The Revenue Department analysis is based on tax returns filed until November 30, 2017 by about 6.01 lakh companies on incomes earned in 2016-17. Returns for financial year 2016-17 are filed in 2017-18 and more companies may file their returns before the end of the current fiscal year.

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The Hindu Business Line, 4 February, 2018,

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