Support sought for economists' relief package for 80% rural, 70% urban households

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published Published on Jun 9, 2021   modified Modified on Jun 9, 2021

A civil society statement, prepared for endorsement from workers’ organisations and concerned citizens by senior economists Amit Basole, Babu Mathews, Gautam Bhan, Jean Dreze, Rajendran Narayan and Ravi Srivastava after several rounds of discussion with trade unions, lawyers and grassroots organisation, has insisted that the Government of India come up with a national relief and recovery package immediately.

“Without the direct support of such a package, simply unlocking the economy will not lead to a balanced recovery”, the statement, sent as an email alert by Working People’s Charter, said, “Advanced and developing economies across the world are investing in similar state-led recovery programmes that seek to boost household income and spending, recognizing the need for large scale relief and recovery interventions into the economy. India must do the same.”

Kindly click here to access the Press statement by Working Peoples' Charter (WPC) dated 8th June, 2021.

For more information, please contact:

Working Peoples' Charter (WPC)
[email protected]
Website:, 9 June, 2021,

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