Will Indian Agriculture Come out Relatively Unscathed in FY'21? -Siraj Hussain and Jugal Mohapatra

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published Published on May 17, 2020   modified Modified on May 18, 2020


The outlook for kharif 2020 contains a few good signs, but much will depend on the monsoon.

Since the harvesting of most rabi crops was completed in time, despite the nationwide lockdown from March 24 onwards, an impression has gained ground that all is well with Indian agriculture.

It is true that due to extraordinary efforts made by government machinery, procurement of wheat in Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh has been more successful than expected. The smooth availability of agricultural produce, including fruits and vegetables, has also compounded the belief of India’s opinion making classes that not much is required to be done for agriculture.

As a matter of fact, some recent growth projections for the Indian economy assume that agriculture growth in FY’21 may not be significantly affected. For instance, former RBI governor C. Rangarajan and EY India’s chief policy adviser D.K. Srivastava reckon that this sector might show near-normal performance in 2020-21.

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TheWire.in, 17 May, 2020, https://thewire.in/agriculture/will-indian-agriculture-come-out-relatively-unscathed-in-fy21

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