Will Supreme Court's Hearing on Farmer Protests Go the Shaheen Bagh Way? -Bishwajit Bhattacharyya

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published Published on Jan 10, 2021   modified Modified on Jan 11, 2021


The executive is shifting every contentious policy issue to the court.

All eyes are now on the Supreme Court hearing on January 11, 2021. Agitating farmers did not move the apex court and are not happy about the hearing.

The Centre seems happy. The agriculture minister’s loud statement voiced on January 8 tells it all.

This typifies misgovernance. The executive is shifting every contentious policy issue to the court. Farmers surely want a law, but a better one after due consultations. So, a repeal or keeping the laws in abeyance should be the starting point, considering the enormity of the consequences. Centre obviously has other ideas.

But what should the Supreme Court do? Strike down the laws? Or throw out the agitating farmers based on the Shaheen Bagh judgment, as some petitioners are demanding?

The judgement on the Shaheen Bagh protest delivered on October 7, 2020, was merely an academic exercise. Indeed, the Supreme Court conceded so by observing: “thus really speaking, the reliefs in the present proceedings have worked themselves out”.

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TheWire.in, 10 January, 2021, https://thewire.in/law/supreme-court-hearing-farmers-protest

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