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Why do ASHA workers in India earn so little? -Shruti Ambast India’s response to the pandemic has depended heavily on the exploited labour of women workers, most of them from marginalised backgrounds. These are ASHAs or Accredited Social Health Activists, the cadre of frontline health workers that has been mobilised for everything from door-to-door surveys, distributing medicine kits, measuring oxygen saturation, monitoring containment zones and spreading awareness about vaccines. 70,000 such women recently went on strike in Maharashtra demanding higher pay,...

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Kerala model: When the frontline is backbone -Vandana Puthezhath Thiruvananthapuram: VEHICLES scattered left and right as Ushakumari S., surreally perched on her scooter in a personal protective equipment (PPE) suit, drove at top speed through Kollam’s streets to get to a hospital. Riding pillion with her was a COVID-19 patient, Ramla Beevi, who needed her second antigen test done. Ushakumari had got fed up, waiting for an ambulance to ship the patient, and decided to take matters into her own...

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Jharkhand door-to-door survey: April-May deaths up 43% from 2 years ago -Abhishek Angad

-The Indian Express The Planning Department is yet to receive updated data on registered deaths from districts for calendar year 2020 and 2021, and hence comparisons with corresponding period in the previous year or with sequential months in the current year are not possible. Ranchi: AN INTENSIVE Public Health Survey (IPHS) survey in Jharkhand — the first such door-to-door counting of deaths by any state during the second wave of the pandemic...

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Travails of ASHA Workers During COVID-19 Call for Renewed Focus on Public Health -Deepanshu Mohan, Jignesh Mistry, Advaita Singh, Sunanda Mishra and Shivani Agarwal ASHA workers and other community healthcare workers have experienced extra working hours, loss of pay and social apathy during the pandemic. Walking into 2021, if there was one positive to be identified with the large-scale outbreak of a pandemic in 2020 in India, and the rest of the developing world, it would have been this: a primary focus given by most governments and their executive agencies to improve healthcare services and...

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Govt must give ASHAs, Anganwadi volunteers rights, benefits due as workers -Neetha N

-The Indian Express Recognition of care work in the public sphere could also help in unsettling the gendered and unequal division of house work and unpaid care burden. COVID-19 has given visibility to Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) and Anganwadi workers — women “volunteers” attached to a government scheme or employed on a mission mode — who are frontline warriors in the battle against the pandemic. In India, there are about a...

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