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The Wages of Low Public Spending on Child Nutrition Programmes -Reetika Khera Stagnant government funding and mis-allocation of available resources in recent years are together resulting in limited improvements in levels of child nutrition, Anaemia and mortality. Last December the results of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) from 2015-16 hit the headlines. And the news was not good. In a world where children mattered, the logical outcome would have been for the government to course correct in the budget to be presented...

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Exposure to air pollution can cause Anaemia in very young children, says new study -Swagata Dey

-Down to Earth A 10 μg/m3 rise in ambient PM 2.5 exposure caused a 0.07 g/dL decrease in average haemoglobin count Exposure to higher levels of particulate matter 2.5 in ambient air can result in Anaemia in children under five years, according to a study by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Malnutrition and Anaemia are rampant in India, with 60 per cent of the children being anaemic as of 2016, according to the...

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Mid-Day Meals play a crucial role in guaranteeing child nutrition in the post-pandemic world

School meals ensure nutrition for millions of vulnerable children across the world. Almost 370 million children worldwide are covered by school feeding programmes. While 100 million school children benefitted from the noon meal scheme in India prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries like Brazil (48 million), China (44 million), South Africa (9 million) and Nigeria (9 million) too run similar programmes for school children. However, an estimated 39 billion in-school...

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The government must universalise maternity benefits -Dipa Sinha and Jashodhara Dasgupta

-Hindustan Times Maternity benefits should be a right of all workers regardless of employment status, or the number of children The key findings from the National Family Health Survey-5 (NFHS-5) of selected states have reminded us that India is facing a crisis of poor nutrition outcomes. Prevalence of stunting among children has remained stagnant or increased in most of these states. The appalling under-nourishment of children reflects poor maternal nutrition, widespread Anaemia...

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Improving diet of low-income households only way to address chronic malnutrition -Veena S Rao

-The Indian Express Raising the diet of our people from subsistence level to higher levels of nourishment by overcoming the triple deficit is the only way to improve the nutritional indicators of our population — amongst children, adolescents and adults. It is nearly a month since the first phase of the NFHS-5 survey was published. While we await a response from the government or any policy-making authority, several articles by public health/policy...

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