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Will the new type of oral polio vaccine be effective?-N Gopal Raj

An oral polio vaccine strain that cannot revert to virulence is needed Wouldn't it be nice to have a better sort of oral polio vaccine? Widespread use of the oral vaccine has brought the eradication of polio tantalisingly within reach. Since 1988 when the world embarked on an effort to wipe out the disease entirely, the number of cases has fallen by 99.8 per cent. Developed by an American scientist, Albert Sabin,...

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How to usher in vaccinnovation in India by MK Bhan

-The Economic Times   Vaccines are a true gift of science to humanity. In developing countries, prevention is better than cure. Vaccines have a great track record of safety and efficacy and they are amongst the most cost-effective products, which even the poor have access to due to effective systems of procurement and delivery. India's contribution in the vaccine arena is noteworthy. The primary reason behind the country's vaccine success story is...

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India accounts for 22% of global rotavirus-inducted diarrhoea deaths by Kounteya Sinha

India recorded 98,621 rotavirus-inducted diarrhoea deaths in 2008, which is about 22% of global toll from the infection.  Nigeria - the second worst-hit country - recorded about 41,000 deaths, or less than 50% of fatalities as compared to India.  Pakistan (39,000) and Bangladesh (9,000) figures among the top 10 worst-affected nations grappling with rotavirus infection, says a study that appeared in medical journal, "The Lancet Infectious Diseases". It shows 453,000 deaths occurred...

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Health ministry to import 1.5 million doses of H1N1 vaccine by Radhieka Pandeya

The health ministry has placed an order to import 1.5 million doses of the swine flu vaccine into India, which will be available in January. This is contrary to the government’s earlier claims of importing four million doses of the vaccine. Indian manufacturers will now supply the remaining doses. “We have placed an order for importing 1.5 million doses already,” said Vineet Chawdhry, joint secretary, health ministry. “Indigenous production of...

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