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SKM-called Bharat Bandh today to mark one year of 3 farm laws

-Hindustan Times In the states ruled by the BJP, elaborate security arrangements have been made to prevent farmer bodies and opposition parties to disrupt normal life. Additional security forces have been deployed in all districts in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Bihar. The 10-hour Bharat Bandh on Monday may disrupt road and rail traffic in states ruled by opposition parties as they are supporting the call for a general strike...

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What does living in a democracy mean for the poor of India? This book goes to the people to find out -Suryakant Waghmore The cast of characters readers will meet is staggering, and necessary, to understand the complex relationship between democracy and some the poorest people. Very few books on poverty in India are as nuanced as Indrajit Roy’s Politics of the poor: Negotiating Democracy in Contemporary India. From its very first page, Roy has his readers agog when he informs them that “the world is richer than it has been at any time...

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Arsenic now in wheat, potato — and more than that in drinking water — in rural Bihar -Mohd Imran Khan

-Down to Earth Groundwater contaminated with arsenic is extensively used for irrigation and finds its way into the food chain  Arsenic contamination in groundwater has been a growing concern in several parts of the country. Now, the chemical has found its way into the food chain — mainly rice, wheat and potato — a recent study has found. Ashok Kr Ghosh, one of the leading scientists of the team that led the research...

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Why is it difficult for children from underprivileged sections of the society to get their lessons online? Read this new report.

Remote teaching and learning promoted by Edtech companies as an alternative to physical classrooms, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, may have a sizeable consumer base in our country. However, at the bottom of the pyramid, there are only a few takers of online education. In reality, class and caste-divide, which is more prominent in rural areas, affects access to digital learning. The majority of the school going...

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SCHOOL survey exposes the dark underbelly of online education during school closures

-Inclusive Media for Change  The pandemic induced school closures have taken a huge toll on the right to education and learning levels of the school children coming from underprivileged sections. A survey covering 1,362 school children (enrolled in Classes 1-8) from 1,362 households, which was carried out in 15 states/ UTs in the month of August 2021 (first round), reveals the catastrophic consequences of prolonged school closure in the last one...

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