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Nearly 40% Indians paid bribes to use public services, highest among most Asian nations -Vignesh Radhakrishnan and Sumant Sen

-The Hindu About 47% of the Indians surveyed said that corruption had increased over the last 12 months The share of Indians who gave a bribe to avail themselves of a public service in the 12 months before a survey (the Bribery rate) by Transparency International was conducted was the highest among the Asian nations surveyed. Nearly half the Indians surveyed said that corruption had been rising in the country over the...

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Keep a close eye: Social audits in India -Santosh Kumar Biswal and Uttam Chakraborty

-The Telegraph The government has not institutionalized SAUs which are at times intimidated when it comes to accessing data on various programmes The auditing agility of government programmes seems to have gained strength. After the recent floods in Assam, the state planned to carry out a social audit of relief measures to look into corruption and Bribery. This is the first time that any government is trying to reinforce a social audit...

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IAS, IFS, IRS officers hail Modi govt crackdown on 'corrupt' colleagues -Sanya Dhingra Most IAS, IRS, IFS officers ThePrint spoke to welcomed Modi govt’s move to forcibly retire 'corrupt' officers and said it would make bureaucracy productive. New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government’s move to get rid of corrupt and dubious officers from the bureaucracy has, surprisingly, gone down well with civil servants, most of who do not see it as a threat to their career. Several IAS, IRS and IFS officers ThePrint spoke to...

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The government's anti-corruption scorecard -Anjali Bhardwaj and Amrita Johri

-The Hindu The last five years have seen consistent attacks on anti-corruption laws and institutions The popular sentiment that helped the BJP in the 2014 general election was resentment against corruption in public life. The party’s clarion call for a corruption-free India resonated with the electorate, who believed the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate when he pledged, “Na khaunga, na khane dunga (neither will I indulge in corruption, nor allow anyone else to...

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Transparency survey reveals corruption rising in India -Kumar Vikram

-The New Indian Express Corruption has gone up in the country during last one year, according to a survey by Transparency International India. NEW DELHI: Corruption has gone up in the country during last one year, according to a survey by Transparency International India. In the survey, conducted in association with the online community platform Local Circles, about 56 per cent citizens admitted to paying bribe during the last one year....

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