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India seeks discount in rare one-year urea import tender, say sources -Nidhi Verma New Delhi: India has issued a global urea tender asking producers to quote a discount for the supply of 600,000 tonnes of urea, industry sources said and a document shows, as the nation seeks to cut import costs and secure cheaper supplies of the soil nutrient. India, where soil nutrients are sold at below market rates, annually imports urea through tenders by authorised companies such as India Potash Ltd, Rashtriya Chemicals...

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What is in store for India’s imports?

There is some respite expected for India in terms of prices of imported commodities. This may ease the depletion of its foreign exchange reserves. The country has faced a widening of its merchandise trade deficit from US$ -17.91 billion to US$ -26.91 billion between October 2021 and October 2022. The commodity price data provided by the World Bank in December 2022 (termed as The Pink Sheet) shows that energy prices plummeted by...

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CSE report flags poor state of organic fertilisers, biofertilisers sector in India -Vineet Kumar

-Down to Earth There is a widespread availability of inferior quality as well as spurious biofertiliser and organic fertiliser products across the country The availability, quality and uptake of biofertilisers and organic fertilisers in India is poor, flagged a new report. These non-chemical options are considered critical to the transition from chemical-based to sustainable farming practices like organic and natural farming. The availability of cost-effective quality biofertilisers and organic fertilisers is, therefore, of...

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Lanka could learn from Sikkim how to go organic WHEN the Sri Lankan economy collapsed with a sigh recently, prominently sticking out of the debris was a failed attempt to take the island nation into full-scale organic agricultural production. The Rajapaksa government had virtually overnight ordered a switch to organic agriculture to save foreign exchange on the import of Chemical Fertilizers and pesticides. But going organic, instead of being the solution, became a bigger problem with food crops failing and the...

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CSE report: State of Biofertilizers and Organic Fertilizers in India (2022)

-Centre for Science and Environment It is becoming clearer by the day that Chemical Fertilizers are not a sustainable solution to the problem of depletion of soil nutrients as a result of agriculture, particularly crop production. Biofertilizers and organic fertilizers not only provide nutrients to crops, they also help in restoring soil health and ecological balance. As we (re)discover the power and potential of biofertilizers and organic fertilizers, we need to...

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