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Costly wheat and the cloud over our daily bread - Sayantan Bera

Wheat prices have stayed stubborny high in India, despite several steps by the government including an export ban and announcing open market prices. - Mint Official figures show that daily retail wheat flour (atta) prices as on 1 February were 22% higher year on year, while wholesale prices were 31% higher. Wheat prices have been inching up through 2022 after a heat wave cut production and pushed the government to ban exports...

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9 of World's 10 most air-polluted cities in South Asia, deadly air causes 2 million premature deaths - World Bank

Urgent action needed to curb deadly air pollution in South Asia A new report by the World Bank states that Nine out of the world’s 10 cities with the worst air pollution are in South Asia. Ambient air pollution is a public health crisis for South Asia, not only imposing high economic costs but also causing an estimated 2 million premature deaths each year. The health impacts of air pollution range...

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Why Indian scientists are critiquing IPCC report -- unfair burden on developing countries -Sinrin Sirur Scientists at M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation claim IPCC projections give rich nations higher energy consumption, cutting down share of developing ones, potentially affecting development. New Delhi: A group of scientists from the Chennai-based M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation have challenged the assumptions of the sixth assessment report by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), arguing that the modeled scenarios on how to achieve global net-zero emissions place an unfair burden...

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Climate Change will likely exacerbate Indian rural household's debt burden

Editorial team, Carbon Copy  Ongoing shifts in rainfall and temperature caused by Climate Change are likely to increase the debt burden faced by rural households, particularly of marginalised groups in dry areas, an editorial in Carbon Copy magazine said. The piece cited a study in the journal Climate Change that argues that changes in climate, along with existing socio-economic differences - caste and landholding in particular — will deepen the size...

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Are millets safe from biopiracy? -Vibha Varshney

-Down to Earth 2023 is the International Year of the Millets and during the year, efforts would be made to promote this superfood 2023 is the International Year of the Millets and during the year, efforts would be made to promote this superfood. As millets are adapted to grow in dry and arid regions, they attract big businesses and companies in times when Climate Change is making cultivation of other cereals difficult. But...

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