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As Shramik Special trains ‘stray’, Railways notifies ‘route rationalisation’ to explain diversions -Avishek G Dastidar

-The Indian Express The diversions have been done so that trains are not held up at one place for hours without water and food, a senior Railways official told The Indian Express. With diversion of Shramik Special trains to navigate network congestion blowing up into a controversy, even as delayed running of these trains and shortage of food and water on board continue to plague the Railways, the national transporter has officially...

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Five Things the Govt Needs to Do to Mitigate Rural and Migrant Distress -Ashwini Kulkarni The dire situation induced by the nationwide lockdown is now threatening to undo the last few decades of work in poverty alleviation. The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus and the subsequent nationwide lockdown measures have accelerated simmering rural-agricultural distress. Migrant workers who have recently returned to their native villages are but another critical dimension of the deteriorating situation. The dire circumstances are now threatening to undo the last few decades of work...

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A case of complicity -Sevanti Ninan

-The Telegraph How did unorganized labour become invisible? Thanks to a humongous oversight on the part of the government, India’s unorganized labour has suddenly become a vivid, long-running story. Photographers walk with families undertaking unimaginable journeys. Reporters tail them in SUVs. Their faces and daily tragedies have dominated newspaper headlines and television news for two months running, something nobody would have ever thought possible. Since when did hyperventilating news channels focus on...

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8-hour work days, and how we got there -Seema Chishti

-The Indian Express Over 150 years later, amid a pandemic and an economic crisis that has rendered several jobless, as state governments such as Gujarat, UP, Madhya Pradesh and others bring in ‘labour reforms’ that, in some cases, have suspended almost all existing labour laws, the historical background of some of these laws provide a useful context. The British brought in the system of indentured labour in 1819 via the Bengal Regulations...

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In Delhi violence investigation, a disturbing pattern: Victims end up being prosecuted by police -Vijayta Lalwani Hundreds have been arrested by the Delhi Police, even as the lockdown made scrutiny and access to justice difficult. On February 24, communal violence engulfed North East Delhi, leaving at least 53 people dead over the next three days, most of whom were Muslim. Exactly a month later, India went under a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Normal life came to a halt – but not...

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