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Five Things the Govt Needs to Do to Mitigate Rural and Migrant Distress -Ashwini Kulkarni The dire situation induced by the nationwide lockdown is now threatening to undo the last few decades of work in poverty alleviation. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the subsequent nationwide lockdown measures have accelerated simmering rural-agricultural distress. Migrant workers who have recently returned to their native villages are but another critical dimension of the deteriorating situation. The dire circumstances are now threatening to undo the last few decades of work...

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Climate Change Brings the Worst Locust Attack in Decades to India -Kabir Agarwal and Shruti Jain The attack is a highly irregular one, say experts. Farmers on the field feel that the measures taken were too little and too late. New Delhi/ Jaipur: Large swarms of desert locusts have entered areas in India where they had not been seen since 1993 and have already caused damage to crops in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The migratory pest has made several incursions into Rajasthan...

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Is repurposing MGNREGA the right way forward? -Ashwini Kulkarni and Pramathesh Ambasta

-The Indian Express MGNREGA is not the best instrument to help MSMEs in urban and rural areas. Mixing up its objectives can only lead to chaos with no value addition Newspaper reports suggest that a Group of Ministers (GoM) on employment, whose report is not yet available in the public domain, has made draft recommendations including some on MGNREGA. Their suggestions include merging MGNREGA with skill development programmes and using its funds...

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Do doctors have an uncircumscribed duty to serve? -Errol D'Souza

-The Hindu If doctors have a duty to provide care then what about the value of reciprocity: does society not have a duty to support those who assume the burden to buttress the public good? During the lockdown I come across a number of stories in the press that are in some way related. A woman in Bengal was refused admission into a government hospital and eventually gave birth in an autorickshaw....

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States compete to bring in sweeping changes to labour laws, ‘competition to attract capital’, say analysts -Aanchal Magazine

-The Indian Express A blanket suspension of labour laws, as has been in the case of UP, however, may not find favour, with the Centre leaning towards putting caveats in order to protect the rights of bonded labour, children and women. With at least 10 states moving to amend their labour laws ahead of restarting economic activities post the Covid-19 lockdown, an overhaul in the central labour laws is being seen in...

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