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What data told us about India in 2022 - Akshi Chawla

DeCEDA/Qrius 2022 was a milestone year for India. India walked into 2022 with an infectious wave of Covid-19 impacting lakhs of people, the wave receded a few weeks into the year. As hopes for a post-pandemic recovery surged, war in Ukraine brought in new challenges for the economy. With supply chains disrupted, global sanctions imposed on Russia, prices of fuel and food shot up. Inflation, already on a high from pent-up...

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India’s food surpluses are marginal -Siraj Hussain To become a reliable exporter, India needs to adopt climate-resilient technologies and a digital system of traceability of agricultural produce The success of the green revolution and the use of technology in agriculture made India a nation surplus in some crops. This enabled India to emerge as a large exporter of rice and sugar. In the following years, wheat was also exported, although Indian wheat was mostly uncompetitive in the global...

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8 out of 10 Indian households faced food insecurity last year despite free ration relief: Survey Two years into the pandemic and the hunger and food insecurity crisis continues. A survey reported decline in nutritional quality and quantity of food despite some of the government schemes on food grains having performed well. Details here. About eight in 10 surveyed Indian households — 79 per cent — have reported some form of food insecurity during the pandemic and an alarmingly high 25 per cent reported severe food insecurity....

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Impact of crop diversity on dietary diversity among farmers amidst Covid-19 -Public Health Foundation of India

-Hindustan Times The study has been authored by Aditi Roy, PHFI Crop diversity is thought to have small, positive impacts on dietary diversity among farming households, particularly when market access is restricted. Policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic severely restricted market access. To date, no study has explored the relationship between crop and dietary diversity in this context. To address this gap, we used longitudinal data collected from 833 farmers across 12...

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Understanding the NCRB data on suicides with caution

The increase in the total number of suicides committed in India during 2020 in comparison to the previous years has hit the headlines recently. While some media commentators have stated that the economic distress (caused by job loss, income loss, failure of business, and growing hunger, among other things) in 2020 could have led to more suicides being committed, others have said that home isolation and deteriorating mental health (associated...

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