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Technology enabled digital labour platforms are not adhering to labour norms, points out new ILO report

Although services provided by the gig and platform workers touch the lives of each one of us, we have little knowledge about the role of digital labour platforms in transforming the world of work. Such digital labour platforms have created unprecedented opportunities for workers, businesses and society. However, they also pose serious threats to decent work and fair competition. A recent report by International Labour Organisation (ILO) shows that the workers...

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21 anganwadis in Delhi to house model centres to help women

-The Indian Express Delhi government’s Saheli Samanvay Kendra scheme was announced in Deputy CM Manish Sisodia’s 2021-22 Budget speech, where it was stated that such kendras will be set up in 500 anganwadi hubs across all districts to “strengthen the role of women in the economy”. The Delhi government’s Saheli Samanvay Kendra (SSK) scheme to ensure women’s participation in the workforce is launching with 21 such model centres in anganwadi hubs this...

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In rural India, over-reliance on Digital Technology has worsen financial exclusion -Rajendran Narayanan and Sakina Dhorajiwala

-The Indian Express A technological intervention must have a governance framework in which protection of rights must be fundamental and which provides more choices to the marginalised. Remember the early days of the internet, when it took several minutes to connect to the web through a dial-in modem? Or when you had to wait in line at an STD booth to make an outstation call? Since then, we have made massive strides...

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Under BJP Govt, data comes to Delhi? and dies -Subodh Varma NSSO, Livestock Census, NCRB, even Census data, are slowly getting strangled by delays but more so by wilful omissions of parts. In the past five and a half years, several key data releases have been excised, mangled, delayed or even suppressed. Since these are all generated, collated and processed by dedicated departments of the central government, it is not a leap of imagination that there is some deliberate intent behind this. Stray...

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Online payment of bills: Four-fold surge in rural and semi-urban India -Karishma Mehrotra

-The Indian Express Launched in 2006, the IT Ministry’s WiFi-enabled Common Service Centres shops act as physical access points to avail government and business services online in almost all the 2.5 lakh gram panchayats. New Delhi: With Common Service Centres (CSC) replacing pre-mobile era PCO booths, government data show a surge in electricity bill payments and insurance premium renewals, which have emerged as some of the fastest growing non-banking services across...

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