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Food bowled

The disastrous effect of the state throwing up its hands and retreating is most starkly visible in agriculture . Remember: agriculture involves 70 per cent of the country's population , generates about 56 per cent of national income, 64 per cent of total expenditure and about one third of total savings. So, any neglect translates into gigantic costs. And the central crisis in agriculture — production barely matching a depressed...

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'We don't want MNCs to patent Indian traditional knowledge'

Multinational companies will now find it very difficult to patent products made by using Indian traditional knowledge of science. The Indian government has digitized all traditional knowledge of medicine available in India and has shared it with the US President and United States patents office so that nobody benefits unduly by using Indian knowledge and files for patents on such products. "We call it traditional knowledge in a digital library," said Minister...

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New Lamps for Old by Supriya Chaudhuri

The minister for human resource development, Kapil Sibal, is a man in a hurry. His haste would be welcome, if the government’s proposals for higher education were not so scandalous. Amazingly, despite a few distinguished voices of dissent, there has been no national debate on the United Progressive Alliance government’s plans. Existing state and Central universities, likely to be worst affected by the broom of change, seem reconciled to their...

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Union Budget And Other Economic Policies

KEY TRENDS Kindly click here to access the [inside]Financial package, which was announced by the Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman on 28th June, 2021 to support the Indian economy in fight against COVID-19 pandemic[/inside]. --- If one goes by the expenditure of major items, then according to the [inside]Union Budget 2021-22[/inside] (please click here to access): • Expenditure on Pension was decreased from Rs. 2,04,393 crore in 2020-21 (R.E.) to Rs. 1,89,328 crore...

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