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Early arrival of locust swarms is worrisome, says scientist -Rahul Wadke

-The Hindu Business Line Mumbai: Even as the Prime Minister has assured Farmers of help in fighting massive locust attacks, the early arrival of the desert locust swarms has set off alarms bells in the agriculture scientist and entomologist community. The community had expected a smaller infestation in June and July, but the early arrival has the community worried about the kharif sowing. A senior scientist told BusinessLine that in a day,...

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Delhi Warns Of Possible Locust Attack, Overnight Ops In UP: 10 Points -Alok Pandey, Anurag Dwary, Harsha Kumari Singh and Mohammad Ghazali

-NDTV India is battling the worst desert locust outbreak in recent times. Swarms of locusts first attacked Rajasthan and have now spread to Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. New Delhi: The Delhi government on Thursday warned of a possible locust invasion and asked authorities to spray insecticides and pesticides on crops, vegetation, gardens and orchards while several states in western and central India struggled to contain the worst infestation in nearly...

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We Need to Rethink our Economics to Avoid Future Epidemics -Debanjana Dey & Taposik Banerjee During the late 1950s when villages near the Kyasanur Forest in Karnataka started to become crowded, Farmers began to clear the forest to find new land for agriculture as well as for construction of houses and roads. This brought them to close contact with the primates in the forest. When Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) outbreak took place among monkeys, the virus did not take much time to jump species and...

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'Never Seen Anything Like This': Madhya Pradesh Farmers Reel from Locust Attacks -Anup Dutta Government officials have attempted to spray pesticides on them before dawn, but to little effect. Bhopal: Nearly 10 districts in Madhya Pradesh are suffering from a massive locust infestation that is threatening crops at a time of harvest. “This really is the worst time for locusts to invading farmland, because the framers are just ready with mustard, cumin, wheat, flowers and vegetables,” said Kedar Sirohi, leader of Aam Kisan Union. Sirohi said there...

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Climate Change Brings the Worst Locust Attack in Decades to India -Kabir Agarwal and Shruti Jain The attack is a highly irregular one, say experts. Farmers on the field feel that the measures taken were too little and too late. New Delhi/ Jaipur: Large swarms of desert locusts have entered areas in India where they had not been seen since 1993 and have already caused damage to crops in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The migratory pest has made several incursions into Rajasthan...

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