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The majority cannot afford a balanced diet -Madhura Swaminathan

-The Hindu Even millions who are above the poverty line do not have access to healthy or nutritious food in India New analysis from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) shows that hundreds of millions of people in India above the international poverty line of $1.90 purchasing power parity (PPP) per person per day cannot afford a healthy or nutritious diet. This analysis confirms the fact that the problem of poor nutrition...

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In times of pandemic, PDS shops should provide rations to all -Rohini Pande, Simone Schaner and Charity Troyer Moore

-The Indian Express India should not allow one emergency — the pandemic — to turn into another. Food Security problems are not abating and there are clear steps that should be taken before it is too late. In the early days of India’s lockdown, stories of food insecurity were rampant. As “Unlock 2.0” progresses, many analysts hope that labour markets will provide the much needed economic resources to the vulnerable. But amidst...

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Policymakers still talk of ‘Food Security’, it’s time to plan for ‘nutritional self-reliance’ -Ajay Vir Jakhar

-The Indian Express Farmers will need to be supported in perpetuity; they can never become atmanirbhar. The question is how best to support farmers such that India may become nutrition self-reliant Imagine, while constructing a multi-storey building the contractors discover the building foundation has begun to sink. It is scary, but wait. Now, imagine that even though the contractors know this, they simply decide to continue work rather than alter the plans....

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India ignores UN advice to register biopesticides against locusts, still uses toxic chemicals -Nikhil Eapen As swarms of desert locusts descended upon India this year, toxic insecticides were sprayed over two lakh hectares of land to contain their spread. But the measure could have serious environmental and health consequences. India’s Locust Warning Organization, or LWO, a body under the ministry of agriculture, uses fifteen different formulations of eight insecticides for controlling their spread. Five of these insecticides are banned, restricted or withdrawn in one or...

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The Green Revolution and a dark Punjab -Anuj Behal

-Down to Earth Punjab has paid a price for Food Security. The use of pesticides and fertilisers has resulted in a number of health issues for the state’s population Punjab — known as the ‘Granary of India’ — produces 20 per cent and nine per cent of India’s wheat and rice respectively. At the international level, this represents three per cent of the global production of these crops. The state is responsible...

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