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Three Myths and the Three Farm Laws -Arindam Banerjee Much of the discourse on the three farm laws are influenced by certain prevailing myths about Indian agriculture and the food situation in the country within the academic and policy-making circles. First, there is a common perception, propagated by the ruling establishment, that India is a ‘food surplus’ nation, particularly with respect to cereals. Our farmers have allegedly over-produced cereals due to the MSP-based government support system. Secondly, any removal...

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Reform for farmers needs to look at more than mere efficiency of agriculture markets -Nikhit Kumar Agrawal and Richa Kumar

-The Indian Express Considering the critical importance of agriculture for livelihoods, health, Food Security, and also keeping in mind the vulnerability of Indian farmers, it is necessary to go beyond reductionist expediency in considering agricultural reforms. In his speech on December 25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the three controversial farm laws will finally deliver justice to the vast majority of small farmers who have been ignored by successive governments. As...

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India’s food supply runs on water misuse -Shijith Kunhitty Three-fourths of India’s population depend on cereals from states that over-exploit groundwater, finds a study. This raises concerns about the country’s Food Security The farmer protests near Delhi have brought renewed attention to the agricultural practices of northern India, groundwater use in particular. A new study finds that states where groundwater reserves are at critical levels, such as Punjab, form the major source of cereals for around 76% of India’s population....

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The global angle to the farmer protests -Utsa Patnaik

-The Hindu It is not just domestic firms that are potential beneficiaries of the new farm laws; foreign agribusinesses are a danger too The farmers’ movement for the repeal of the three farm laws which affect them closely but have been rammed through without consulting them, has now entered its second month. It is of historic significance. It is not just about minimum support prices but also about the survival of the...

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Farm reform laws threaten nation's Food Security: Agricultural economist Venkatesh Athreya

-The New Indian Express He added the union government was imposing these farm laws on farmers by advertising them as it is beneficial for their growth. TIRUCHY: The three farm refom laws enacted by the Union government were not just against farmers’ welfare, but also posed a challenge to Food Security,  noted agricultural economist Venkatesh Athreya has said. Taking part in an online event oganised by the Tamil Nadu Science Forum's Tiruchy unit...

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