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Can smart meters solve India’s electricity problem? -Rahul Tongia

-Hindustan Times They are a valuable tool for improved discoms. But they can’t solve what are fundamentally Governance failures Much has changed in the electricity sector in the last few years. Electricity generation capacity is now surplus after years of deficits, and the price of solar power has fallen by 70%. But one thing that has barely changed is the performance of the electricity distribution companies (discoms), which continue to bleed money....

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How India can overcome malnutrition -Ashok Gulati & Kriti Khurana

-The Financial Express Focussing on women’s education, Access to sanitation & potable water, diet rich in proteinaceous foods and biofortification of grains can curb malnutrition President Donald Trump applauded India’s achievements in his address at the crowded Motera stadium. These ranged from religious freedom to reducing poverty to the giant emerging economy. This should have made every Indian feel proud, except that only in the next three days, riots in Delhi made...

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India's population: 1.37 billion and not counting -Kundan Pandey

-Down to Earth India, like the rest of the world, is intensely debating population explosion. But while countries are struggling to keep their numbers at replacement level, India is on the right path towards stabilising population sooner than expected. So what's the discussion all about? Be it a political meeting, a hot TV debate or just a healthy tea-time chat, the topic would most often veer around population. That was about...

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How to reduce NRC's administrative burdens -Srinivas Yerramsetti

-The Hindu Citizens should not be asked to provide the same information more than once to government agencies In June 2014, the Modi government set out to change how the government worked. At that time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in a meeting of Union Secretaries about “reforming the public service delivery system and bridging the Governance deficit” by introducing “self-certification” in place of “affidavits”. That event revealed his enthusiasm and commitment...

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Decoding the Priorities: An Analysis of Union Budget 2020-21 -CBGA

-Decoding the Priorities: An Analysis of Union Budget 2020-21, Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA), February 2020 The publication presents an analysis of the priorities in Union Budget 2020-21, both on public expenditure and resource mobilisation front. It has been divided broadly into five chapters. The first chapter focuses on a host of important aspects under Resource Mobilisation, like domestic tax policy, international taxation policy, financial transparency, and Centre-State...

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