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NITI Aayog's megacity plan for Little Andaman alarms conservationists -Pankaj Sekhsaria

-The Hindu The proposed construction of a mega financial-tourist complex on Little Andaman Island will place at risk a fragile ecosystem and result in habitat loss of the vulnerable Onge tribe and rare wildlife A plan for the sustainable and Holistic development of the 680 sq km, fragile Little Andaman Island in the Andaman and Nicobar group has raised the alarm among conservationists. The ‘Sustainable Development of Little Andaman Island - Vision Document’,...

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Why we must listen to farmers -Sudeshna Maya Sen Agriculture value-chains can only be strengthened by listening to multiple actors; most importantly, farmers. India has been witnessing a spate of month-long farmer protests across the country, particularly in the national capital, against the recently introduced farm bills by the central government. One of the major reasons behind these agitations, including calls for repealing the law, is that farmers were not actively involved in the policymaking cycle of these laws, which...

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Why mushrooms should be included under ICDS and MDM scheme -Partha Pratim Mazumder

-Down to Earth Mushrooms in one’s daily diet will eventually promote a healthy body, behaviour and brain power The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has prompted some experts to look at the consumption of mushrooms, known for their immunity-boosting anti-viral properties, with renewed vigour. In fact, immunity has been one of the most-searched keywords on the internet since the last few months. Immunity is basically the foremost defence system against all sorts of viruses,...

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How rural schooling is going into the dark -Sayantan Bera * Urban India has witnessed a boom in online education this year. In sharp contrast, students in Bharat are suffering * Experts are suggesting a country-wide post-pandemic survey. Additionally, public schools need to be strengthened as more students are likely to join govt schools due to financial duress. BADAUN/ NEW DELHI: Koi lakey mujhe de… ek chutti wala din; ek achhi-si kitab; ek mitha-sa sawal; ek nanha-sa jawab. Koi laakey mujhe de...

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140 pleas against Citizenship Amendment Act hang fire in Supreme Court -Krishnadas Rajagopal

-The Hindu Court declined to stay implementation of the law in December 2019. Over 140 petitions challenging the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have been pending for nearly a year in the Supreme Court, leaving petitioners drawn from all walks of life and across the political spectrum “deeply disappointed” over the delay. “I am deeply disappointed and the case should be taken up for hearing at the earliest,” parliamentarian Jairam Ramesh, one of the...

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