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When a News Article Vanishes, We Have More Than Just a Pandemic to Worry About -Priyanka Pulla An article critical of the government's response to COVID-19 was published on The New Indian Express's website on May 8, and disappeared from its link within a day. Last week, The New Indian Express, one of India’s major English newspapers, pulled down an article that was heavily critical of the Centre’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The article, entitled ‘Centre’s COVID-19 Communication Plan: hold back data, gag agencies and scientists’, discussed...

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Massive 145% profiteering exposed in coronavirus rapid test kits sold to ICMR -Rajeev Dubey & Vivek Punj Dispute between importer and distributor unravels super profits; Delhi HC strikes down sale price by 33 per cent * The $3 per test SARS CoV-2 Antibody test kits are being imported from China's Wondfo * Its landed price, including air freight (Rs 20), to importer Matrix Labs is Rs 245 per test * ICMR placed an order to buy 5 lakh kits on March 27, 28 @Rs 600 (plus GST) per test * Importer...

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ICMR directly procured faulty Covid-19 testing kits from Chinese vendors -Elizabeth Roche ICMR advises states not to use the testing kits for the next two days, saying it will issue an advisory after medical teams carry out field validation of the kits NEW DELHI: Test kits for the detection and surveillance of covid-19 cases in India that have apparently been found faulty had been procured by the Indian Council of Medical Research from China from Chinese vendors approved by Chinese authorities, a senior...

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80% COVID-19 Cases In India Asymptomatic, Worrying: Top Scientist to NDTV -Parimal Kumar

-NDTV It is difficult to detect asymptomatic cases and they can be found out only after tracing the contacts of people who have beentested positive, the top scientist said, adding that testing everyone is almost impossible. New Delhi: 80 per cent of people with coronavirus in India are asymptomatic, or do not show symptoms of the infection, and this is matter of worry, a senior scientist at the country's top medical research...

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How pooled testing works, when it helps -Abantika Ghosh

-The Indian Express Last week, the ICMR brought out an advisory on pooled testing, ideally in districts where incidence of COVID-19 is low. Faced with criticism about insufficient testing and the reality of limited resources, India has decided go for pooled testing in districts where no cases have been reported. This would on the one hand give data on whether these really are zero-case districts, and on the other, save resources. * What...

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