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Moving Upstream: Luni – Fellowship

The Moving Upstream: Luni program is a continuation of Veditum’s Moving Upstream fellowship program which we co-host with the Out of Eden Walk. For the Luni program, we are partnering with the School of Pubic Policy at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, and this effort is supported by A4Store & Out of Eden Walk. The aim is to document the river and life in and around it, the impact of man-made...

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Tur-nomics: Prices of India’s Favourite Dal Heat Up - Akshi Chawla

Centre for Economic Data and Analysis, Ashoka University Retail prices of Tur (Arhar) dal jumped from INR 110.5 per kg on average across the country at the beginning of the year to INR 135.7 per kg by July 31, 2023. Prices of this dal have risen faster than the overall food prices. Even as the sharp surge in tomato prices in recent weeks has caught everybody’s attention, another essential kitchen staple –...

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FCA Amendment: No Forest For The Weary - Shreeshan V , Anushka Mohite Mahale , Moonis Ijlal

Carbon Copy A freshly passed amendment to the Forest Conservation Act has created a stir among ecologists, parliamentarians and stakeholders. With several contentious provisions, the amendment reveals an afforestation push where rights and justice take a backseat to commercial interests. This week, amidst a raucous monsoon session, the Indian Parliament saw the passage of several consequential pieces of legislation in quick succession. Among them was the contentious amendment to the Forest Conservation...

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Monsoon takes pause in August after July deluge, El Nino may further weaken rains - Rural Voice

Monsoon seems to have reversed gear in August, with sustained dry spell in many regions of the country. What's more worrying is that meteorologists in the US are saying there is a 66 percent chance of El Nino developing into a strong event. This means, El Nino's effects could be felt in India too, weakening the monsoon further. Overall, till now, the monsoon rains in India remain in the normal...

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Over 3 Lakh Hectares of Forest Land Diverted for Non-Forest Use in the Last 15 Years - Sai Krishna Muthyanolla

The recently concluded Parliament session saw the passage of the highly controversial “Forest Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2023” amid wide protests and without much discussion. The bill is aimed to amend the erstwhile Forest Conservation Act, 1980. Among the changes suggested, the below preamble was inserted into the act, and the “Forest (Conservation) Act” is substituted by “Van (Sanrakshan Evam Samvardhan) Adhiniyam” in the principal Act. While the Environment Ministry claims that...

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