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India learns a bitter lesson for disregarding crucial warnings and recommendations on Covid-19

In the month of April this year, there has been an unprecedented upsurge in daily new cases and daily new deaths in the country due to Covid-19. States, which reported large increases in daily new cases and daily new deaths, are Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, to name but a few.   Data accessed from, which is a crowdsourced platform and an independent aggregator of daily Covid-19 figures and...

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Felled by fire: On newborn deaths in Maharashtra hospital

-The Hindu To avert another Bhandara-like hospital inferno, govts must address underlying causes The deadly fire that snuffed out the lives of 10 infants in the Bhandara District General Hospital in Maharashtra is a shocking reminder that safety norms in several medical facilities in India do not pass muster. The parents of the babies who perished in the sick new-born unit have been plunged into a lifetime of trauma. Some of the...

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India needs to urgently step into the domain of healthcare -Christophe Jaffrelot and Utsav Shah

-The Indian Express One of the obvious reasons why public healthcare has not been a priority for successive governments of India lies in the fact that India’s middle class did not need it. As epidemiologists tend to consider that the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic may not come before July, the question of the resilience of the Indian health system becomes more pressing, especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. The...

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Why everyone should wear masks -T Jacob John

-The Hindu The pandemic can be slowed only by a lockdown as well as by ensuring universal mask use Flattening the epidemic curve (case distribution curve) is the need of the day. On the curve, Y axis and X axis represent case numbers and time, respectively. A normal epidemic curve is bell-shaped, with an early ascending slope (first phase), a peak (second phase) and a declining slope (third phase). The area under...

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Bihar hospital doctors lack training, finds AIIMS team -Sana Shakil and Rajesh K Thakur

-The New Indian Express Most of the children afflicted by AES are admitted in the SKMCH as it is the largest hospital that caters to at least eight districts in the vicinity. MUZAFFARPUR: Untrained doctors who don’t have the skill to handle critical equipment in Intensive Care Units, and the lack of an awareness drive because of the Lok Sabha elections in April-May, could be behind the sudden spike in the deaths...

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