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Death is the only certainty here, rest is just chance -Damini Nath

-The Hindu Nearly 20 lives are lost every day at the hospital in Gorakhpur, where a recent night played havoc with hopes of the young, leaving parents with no sense of closure GORAKHPUR (U.P.): For one family, it is the first day of school that their five-year-old girl was looking forward to, but will never see; for another, it is the celebration planned for the newborn twins conceived after eight years of...

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The health-care crisis at our doorstep -PT Jyothi Datta

-The Hindu Business Line The Centre must act now as a year of medical mishaps across the nation comes to an end A little over three months ago, the country watched in horror when news unfolded of the death of a seven-year-old in Delhi from dengue and the subsequent suicide by his young parents. The harrowing experience of getting a simple thing like a bed in a hospital when you need it was...

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Reality behind Odisha’s dying infants -Vidya Krishnan

-The Hindu What happened at Shishubhawan is symptomatic of how deep the rot is in India's crumbling public health infrastructure. It has been two months since news and reports of the deaths of 40 infants at Shishubhawan, the largest paediatric care centre in eastern India, broke. The facility is for critically-ill children from Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. By the end of September, 56 deaths were reported in a span on 12 days. Even...

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When Hospitals Infect -Gauri Kamath

-The Indian Express Indian healthcare providers need to get serious about infection control. A deadly strain of bacterium has doubled its resistance to last-resort antibiotics within a year, according to the report “State of the World’s Antibiotics, 2015”. By an estimate, antimicrobial resistance — the ability of bugs to outwit antibiotics — will claim two million lives in India by 2050, a fifth of the total. India is under pressure to curb...

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New AIIMS: Quantity, not quality? -Rema Nagarajan

-The Times of India It has become fashionable to announce the setting up of new AIIMS or AIIMS-like institutes in every annual union budget. After the first six were announced in 2006, finance minister Arun Jaitley announced the setting up of four more in the last budget and another six in the current one, taking the total number to 16, not counting the original one in Delhi. While announcing new AIIMS...

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