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Fact-check: Did LPG cost more during UPA than under BJP government? -Archit Mehta After the fifth increase in LPG refill prices since December 2020, except for a meagre cut of Rs 10 on March 31, 14.2 kg LPG refill will now cost Rs 834.50. However, BJP supporter Rishi Bagree shared a tweet listing LPG cylinders since 2011 and claimed that non-subsidised LPG gas is 32% cheaper than its price during the UPA government. Bagree had tweeted the same earlier in February and in 2020....

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India’s poor were struggling to refill LPG cylinders. Now with record price hike, many have given up -Aarefa Johari Modi government’s flagship Ujjwala scheme continues to hand out new gas connections without fixing the problem of unaffordability. At the start of every monsoon, Doli Kumari’s family refills their LPG cooking gas cylinder and uses it for three or four months. As the rains recede in their village of Tarauna Bhojpur in Bihar’s Araria district, the family switches back to burning wood for daily cooking. This monsoon, however, the family plans not...

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In poll-bound Chhattisgarh, women stick to chulhas despite LPG scheme -Nidhi Sharma

-The Economic Times Vimla Nishad bends on her small chulha and tries to light a fire. Her two-room house fills up with smoke and her two-year-old son starts coughing. The firewood is damp as it has been raining the whole day so it is taking longer to light up. She looks around nervously as it is 8 pm and she has to get the dinner going. Sitting in one corner of...

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Budget 2018: Will Women Really Be Better Off at the End of This Fiscal? -Barkha Deva In the gender Budget, the Modi government has not done much more than pay lip service to policies that impact women. Soon after the Union Budget was presented, the PMO tweeted Modi as saying: “Special emphasis has been given on women empowerment in the Budget.” A high-voltage communication campaign followed highlighting key proposals for women, including an increase in commitments for the Ujjwala scheme to provide free gas connections to eight crore...

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Aadhaar's $11-billion question -Jean Dreze & Reetika Khera

-The Economic Times blog Word has it that World Bank economists use “obviously fabricated” data from time to time. These are not Sitaram Yechury or Medha Patkar’s words, but those of Paul Romer, former chief economist of the World Bank, in a recent email exchange reported by Financial Times. Romer retracted them later, but this “may not end the controversy”, as The Economist mildly put it. This is not the first time...

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