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As Shramik Special trains ‘stray’, Railways notifies ‘route rationalisation’ to explain diversions -Avishek G Dastidar

-The Indian Express The diversions have been done so that trains are not held up at one place for hours without water and food, a senior Railways official told The Indian Express. With diversion of Shramik Special trains to navigate network congestion blowing up into a controversy, even as delayed running of these trains and shortage of food and water on board continue to plague the Railways, the national transporter has officially...

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Recent survey by civil society group show 'access-to-food' situation improves in Jharkhand, although much is required to be done for the poor & marginalised

-Press release by Right to Food Campaign, Jharkhand chapter, dated 26th May, 2020 Following the first round of quick survey of essential facilities in rural areas of Jharkhand that was conducted during the first week of April 2020, a second round of survey was done in the second and third week of May this year by members (called "observers") of the Right to Food Campaign, state chapter. Like the previous one,...

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Five Things the Govt Needs to Do to Mitigate Rural and Migrant Distress -Ashwini Kulkarni The dire situation induced by the nationwide Lockdown is now threatening to undo the last few decades of work in poverty alleviation. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the subsequent nationwide Lockdown measures have accelerated simmering rural-agricultural distress. Migrant workers who have recently returned to their native villages are but another critical dimension of the deteriorating situation. The dire circumstances are now threatening to undo the last few decades of work...

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Climate Change Brings the Worst Locust Attack in Decades to India -Kabir Agarwal and Shruti Jain The attack is a highly irregular one, say experts. Farmers on the field feel that the measures taken were too little and too late. New Delhi/ Jaipur: Large swarms of desert locusts have entered areas in India where they had not been seen since 1993 and have already caused damage to crops in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The migratory pest has made several incursions into Rajasthan...

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The need for a million worksites now -Jean Drèze

-The Hindu Averting a humanitarian disaster in India calls for an explosion of NREGA work in the next few weeks The abominable plight of migrant workers in recent weeks has invaded television screens and stirred the nation’s conscience. Alas, this is just the tip of the wave of hardships that is sweeping through the country. The situation looks increasingly alarming in the light of a series of surveys conducted by Azim Premji...

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