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Rethinking conditional Maternal Entitlements -Vanita Leah Falcao and Jasmeet Khanuja There is a need to evaluate whether implementing a cash transfer programme has become the end On 4 September, the ministry of women and child development (MWCD) was issued a notice by the Supreme Court questioning its failure to implement the maternal cash entitlement guaranteed in the National Food Security Act, 2013 (NFSA). Section 4 of the NFSA entitles all pregnant and lactating women to Rs. 6,000, if they are...

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India’s unrealised maternity entitlement -Vanita Leah Falcao & Jasmeet Khanuja

-The Hindu The Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana was introduced to provide partial wage compensation during pregnancy, but various issues plague its implementation The latest official figures indicate that India is well short of meeting the Millennium Development Goals that pledged to reduce the country's maternal mortality ratio (MMR) by three quarters and the infant mortality rate (IMR) by two-thirds. The Sample Registration System (SRS), 2013, records MMR at 167 per 1,00,000...

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India's food security bill: an inadequate remedy?-Ravi S Jha

-The Guardian A landmark bill to make the right to food a legal entitlement is mired in controversy over its failure to address a flawed public food distribution system, misplaced priorities and exclusions India has an over abundance of food grains stocked in warehouses, yet millions of India's poor are left without food. Development practitioners and NGOs are in favour of disbanding the current food security system, the public distribution system (PDS),...

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Right to Food Campaign rejects the National Food Security Bill cleared by the Cabinet

-Right to Food Campaign RIGHT TO FOOD CAMPAIGN REJECTS THE NATIONAL FOOD SECURITY BILL CLEARED BY THE CABINET THE CAMPAIGN WILL CONTINUE PROTESTING FOR A COMPREHENSIVE FOOD SECURITY LAW THIS IS A MERE SOP, A FOOD INSECURITY LAW AND NOT A FOOD SECURITY LAW Jantar Mantar 19th March, 2013 More than 500 people of the Right to Food Campaign sitting at Jantar Mantar rejected the National Food Security Bill 2013 which was passed by the cabinet...

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Child Rights' Panel slams standing committee's recommendations on Food Security Bill -Ketki Angre

-NDTV A week after the Parliamentary panel submitted its recommendations on the Food Security Bill, the suggestions have come in for sharp criticism from the country's watchdog for child rights. The National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) says the report has completely ignored the category of children, who are among the most vulnerable groups in the area of food security. Under the recommendations, children under the age of two...

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