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Low rain spurred 10% of 1970-2000 migration increase: Report -Madhumita Paul

-Down to Earth Water shocks affect not only the number of people who move but also the skills they bring with them Rainfall variability is expected to be one of the contributing forces in migration, according to a new World Bank report released 23 August, 2021.  Rainfall deficit is linked to approximately 10 per cent of the increase in global migration between 1970 and 2000, the report said.  Water shocks affect not only the...

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The significance of the ‘there is no data’ answer -Seema Chishti

-The Hindu The Government’s consistent ‘no data’ declarations on important issues are a critical part of a larger political project It can be safely assumed that the popular American dictum, “In God we trust; all others must bring data”, is unlikely to be found in any office of the Narendra Modi government. There is mounting evidence to show that either the Government has ‘no data’ about issues that show it in a...

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Lessons the country can learn from Odisha -Amar Patnaik

-The New Indian Express Once a beleaguered backward region, Odisha now boasts of effective governance in partnership with panchayati raj institutions and uses a community-based response strategy towards combating crises Odisha, a state averred by many as one of the poorest in the country, has set an example for the nation, be it by becoming the first city in the country to achieve clean drinking water from the tap in the city...

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Official data corroborates deepening of livelihood crisis in urban areas during the 2020 nationwide lockdown

The recently released quarterly Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) data broadly confirms the dip in employment and jobs during the countrywide lockdown period, followed by a certain degree of recovery in the post-lockdown months last year as have been indicated by various survey-based studies and research papers. The quarterly bulletin on PLFS provides data on key employment and unemployment indicators i.e. Unemployment Rate (UR), Worker Population Ratio (WPR) and Labour...

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The shaky foundation of the labour law reforms -KR Shyam Sundar

-The Hindu It could be a long wait before employers and workers enjoy the so-called benefits extended by the labour codes The National Democratic Alliance government enacted the Code on Wages in August 2019 and the other three Codes, viz., the Industrial Relations Code, the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code and Code on Social Security (CSS) in September 2020. Later, it had framed the draft rules albeit incompletely under all...

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