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Most households in rural Bihar faced livelihood crisis during the first wave of COVID-19, reveals a recent study

The pandemic's first wave had a devastating impact on the livelihoods of rural workers in Bihar (including the self-employed) last year, according to a survey based research, jointly done by economists from Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability at Monash University, Australia and the New Delhi-based Institute for Human Development. A recent press note issued by the authors of the study shows that almost 94.4 percent of the households participating...

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The neoliberal reforms of 1991 didn’t work as claimed -Jayati Ghosh There is a common trope, fed especially to generations born after 1991, that economic progress and modernization in India really occurred only after ‘liberalizing’ economic reforms were introduced three decades ago. This is a travesty of the truth. Certainly, conditions for most Indians have improved since that watershed year. Per capita income went up more rapidly than before, life expectancy went up, infant and maternal mortality decreased, income poverty...

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The state of India’s poor must be acknowledged -Seema Chishti

-The Hindu This is ‘abject poverty’, and if the economy is to be repaired, the number of the poor has to be meticulously counted The son of a corn merchant-turned sociologist, Charles Booth had little patience for Charles Dickens and others in his time, who used lyrical prose to describe the desperation of the poor in working class London. Booth was also angry, in 1885, over the claims made by F.D. Hyndman,...

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Sustained efforts required to reduce multidimensional poverty amidst the pandemic

Multidimensional poverty is about non-monetary poverty and is strongly associated with the challenges of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Although previously defined only in monetary terms, poverty is now understood to include the lived reality of people’s experiences and the multiple deprivations they face. India’s multidimensional headcount ratio (H) i.e. the proportion or incidence of people (within a given population) who experience multiple deprivations has reduced from 55.1 percent to...

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‘States soon to be ranked on poverty index parameter’

-The Hindu Business Line The MPICC will hold workshop to take State Reform Action Plan forward A Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) Parameter Dashboard to rank States and UTs and a State Reform Action Plan (SRAP) are at an advanced stage of development, according to the NITI Aayog, the nodal agency for the Global MPI to drive reforms in India. “The inaugural meeting of the MPI Coordination Committee (MPICC) was held on September 2,...

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