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India learns a bitter lesson for disregarding crucial warnings and recommendations on Covid-19

In the month of April this year, there has been an unprecedented upsurge in daily new cases and daily new deaths in the country. States, which reported large increases in daily new cases and daily new deaths, are Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, to name but a few.   Data accessed from, which is a crowdsourced platform and an independent aggregator of daily Covid-19 figures and information (created by...

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Free shots for all: This must be India’s vaccination strategy -Jean Dreze

-The Indian Express It is bad enough that we depend on just two suppliers. What is baffling is that the government has now allowed them to set their own prices. At a time when fair and speedy COVID-19 vaccination is of the essence, the Indian government has done a great job of putting us at the mercy of vaccine manufacturers. It is bad enough that we depend, as of now, on just...

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Election Commission divided: One EC objects to panel asking court for gag order on media -Ritika Chopra

-The Indian Express One of the Election Commissioners, it is learnt, strongly objected to the contents of the affidavit filed in Madras HC and the SLP. THE Election Commission (EC) is split down the middle over its response to the censure by the Madras High Court on its role in conducting elections during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Indian Express has learned that the poll panel’s plea in the Madras...

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A ‘One Health’ approach that targets people, animals -Atul Chaturvedi

-The Hindu The battle against COVID-19 should also be used as an opportunity to meet India’s ‘One Health’ targets The father of modern pathology, Rudolf Virchow, emphasised in 1856 that there are essentially no dividing lines between animal and human medicine. This concept is ever more salient as the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. Discussions that took place around World Veterinary Day, on April 24, 2021, focused on acknowledging...

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Cash transfers, votes from women and Muslims: 7 reasons why Mamata Banerjee crushed BJP in Bengal -Shoaib Daniyal In spite of the media hype, the BJP was no match for the Trinamool Congress juggernaut. The 2021 Assembly elections in West Bengal were bitterly fought. The Bharatiya Janata Party marshalled all its resources, pumping in huge sums of money, bringing in national leaders, influencing election arrangements and getting large sections of the national media to portray it as the favourite. In the end, it all came to nought. The BJP fell...

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