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India's farm sector performance has improved over the years, shows latest FAO report

The World Food and Agriculture – Statistical Yearbook 2022, released in December 2022, provides its readers a plethora of useful statistics and data across the countries pertaining to agriculture and food security. The yearbook by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) primarily covers four themes -- Economic Dimensions of Agriculture; Production, Trade and Prices of Commodities; Food Security and Nutrition; and Sustainability and Environmental Aspects of Agriculture.  While going through the report,...

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Saving our soils is saving ourselves -Neelam Patel, PVS Suryakumar, and Rajeev Ahal

-The Hindu Business Line Enhancing resilient and agroecological strategies is vital for the environment and welfare It is widely accepted that it takes nearly thousand years for formation of top soil, but when not cared for, can be damaged quickly. India adopted intensive agriculture practices in a few pockets, ushering in the Green Revolution. But this had consequences — loss of soil structure and fertility. Research shows that nine major minerals and nutrients...

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No Country For Organic: Why Punjab Finds It Hard To Quit Chemical Farming -Manu Moudgil Punjab has amongst the highest use of fertilisers, pesticides and large machinery, including government support for chemical farming, making it difficult to transition to organic and natural farming. Chandigarh: When Ashok Kumar, 63, started doing organic farming on three acres of his farm in Sohangarh Rattewala village in Punjab's western Ferozepur district in 2012, the benefits of good health and a cleaner environment were foremost on his mind. Besides growing food...

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Organic takeover: How 10,000 farmers of Telangana, Andhra are steering a silent movement -Abhay Kumar Singh

-Down to Earth A federation of farmer-producer organisations has tapped into the growing organic market to help members raise incomes  Catering directly to the consumers’ needs assures better marketability and incomes. This is what nearly 10,000 farmers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have realised over the past decade and are now steering a silent organic movement. It all began in 2009, when a group of consumers in Hyderabad, then part of unified Andhra...

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Public sector banks have ensured financial inclusion, finds a new empirical study

Are public sector banks (PSBs) important for the economy? Have the PSBs served the purpose for which they were created? Could the PSBs compete efficiently against the private sector banks (PVBs)? These are some of the questions, which have been answered by a chapter in the RBI Bulletin's August edition. Efficiency of PSBs Co-authored by Snehal S Herwadkar, Sonali Goel, and Rishuka Bansal (2022) of the Banking Research Division, Reserve Bank of...

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