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Barring a few, most states and UTs ignored the guidelines to help persons with disabilities during the lockdown

A recent survey conducted by National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) -- a Delhi-based non-profit organisation -- shows how persons with disabilities in the country were disproportionately affected by the COVID–19 crisis. The report by NCPEDP has observed that persons with disabilities, particularly those from economically deprived sections, went through severe hardship during the lockdown. Without sufficient access to food or money, many of them faced hunger...

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COVID-19 in South Asia: India Lags Behind Pak on Stimulus, Lanka on Overall Performance -Deepankar Basu and Priyanka Srivastava In each of the four large South Asian nations, the response of the state to the pandemic has been shaped by long standing and underlying political faultlines. In parts one and two of this article, we have discussed the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, preparedness (in terms of health infrastructure), and the government’s public health responses to the pandemic in four South Asian countries. In this concluding part, we discuss two...

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Modi government is misusing the ‘fake news’ tag to try to evade media scrutiny -Shoaib Daniyal During the coronavirus pandemic, India needs a free press more than ever. These intimidation tactics do not help. Publishing news based on information from credible, unidentified sources is a global journalistic practice. This allows critical facts to surface even if sourcexsce afraid of repercussions. In India, though, the government is creating an atmosphere in which journalists will be afraid of publishing such material. On Sunday, the Delhi Police summoned an Indian Express...

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In South Asia, Lanka Leads and India Lags in Infrastructure, Medical Response to COVID-19 -Deepankar Basu and Priyanka Srivastava India implemented a lockdown 14 days after it recorded 50 cases. The relatively higher number of cases recorded in India may partly be the result of the government losing two precious weeks before implementing any serious Physical Distancing measures. In part one of this three-part series, we presented a picture of the spread of COVID-19 in four South Asian countries. In the second part, we discuss two issues: How prepared –...

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An open-ended, expanded employment guarantee at minimum wages should be its centrepiece -Nikhil Dey and Aruna Roy

-The Indian Express It is a cruel irony that after the sacrifice they have been asked to undertake, they don’t even get the safety of Physical Distancing. Workers have lost hard-won rights, despite labour being the biggest contributor to the Indian growth story. There are no labour-day rallies, celebrations or meetings this year as everyone is under lockdown, fighting the coronavirus through Physical Distancing. Nevertheless, it is a day for totting up...

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