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Focus on COVID-19 estimated deaths -Chandrakant Lahariya

-The Hindu Mortality estimates, not officially reported deaths, have the potential to strengthen the pandemic response In India, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, around 85% of all deaths were registered and only one-fourth of the registered deaths were medically certified for the causes of death. There have been wide variations among States and within them, in rural and urban areas. Understanding the causes of death is essential for health sector planning and...

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COVID-19 is not a ‘one-time disaster’, like earthquake or flood, Centre says in SC -Krishnadas Rajagopal

-The Hindu It is an ongoing pandemic which will continue to attack in waves and a ‘broader approach’ is essential, says Ministry of Home Affairs in 189-page affidavit. The COVID-19 pandemic is not a “one-time disaster”, like an earthquake or a flood, where victims can be compensated with just money, the Centre has told the Supreme Court. The virus is an ongoing pandemic which will continue to attack in waves. A “broader approach”...

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Why vaccine hesitancy should not be tackled through a carrot and stick policy -Sarojini Nadimpally What is needed is better Public health communication. Along with an acute shortage of Covid-19 vaccines, with only 3.3% of its population fully vaccinated, India is also witnessing vaccine hesitancy. Anecdotal evidence suggests people, particularly in the rural and tribal areas, are not coming forward to take the vaccines. While it is imperative to address vaccine hesitancy, superficial attempts that fail to understand its structural causes could lead to more damage. As...

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Jharkhand door-to-door survey: April-May deaths up 43% from 2 years ago -Abhishek Angad

-The Indian Express The Planning Department is yet to receive updated data on registered deaths from districts for calendar year 2020 and 2021, and hence comparisons with corresponding period in the previous year or with sequential months in the current year are not possible. Ranchi: AN INTENSIVE Public health Survey (IPHS) survey in Jharkhand — the first such door-to-door counting of deaths by any state during the second wave of the pandemic...

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Collapse of healthcare system? Why 90% of Covid patients treated at home survived -Bobby Ramakant and Sandeep Pandey Well known Hindustani classical singer Padma Vibhu shan Channulal Mishra, chosen as one of the proposers of Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha elections, lost his wife and elder daughter to Covid in private hospitals in Varanasi. Younger daughter has accused Medwin Hospital of charging Rs 1.5 lakh for treatement of her sister and not being able to explain the cause of death. Pandit Channulal Mishra has asked for a probe...

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