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Why ‘excess mortality’ figures for Covid must be calculated -Chinmay Tumbe

-The Indian Express They will not only help capture the true scale of the tragedy, but will also help in planning better for the next waves of the pandemic. In his memoirs, the writer Suryakant Tripathi (1896-1961), better known as Nirala, described the River Ganga as “swollen with dead bodies” when the deadly second wave of the influenza pandemic struck India in 1918. The pandemic was a deeply traumatic experience for him,...

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Why aren’t journalists covering the Covid disaster showing 'positive news'? -Diksha Munjal 'What positivity do we look for in people's suffering?' “A 29-year-old man died in the hospital while his wailing wife and children waited outside,” Ronak Shah, a reporter for the Gujarati daily Sandesh said, recalling a tragedy he witnessed on April 12. “The three-year-old daughter kept saying, ‘My father is coming soon and we are here to take him home. I offered her a biscuit to eat, she did not take...

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Uttar Pradesh: Rains Expose Mass Shallow Graves Along the Ganga as COVID-19 Rages More than 900 dead bodies have reportedly been buried along the river in Unnao alone last week. New Delhi: The devastating second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is slowly turning into a horror story in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. Days after Bihar’s Buxar district authorities said that at least 71 bodies of suspected COVID-19 victims from the neighbouring eastern UP were washed ashore at the banks of the River Ganga...

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‘Dead body could infect us, wood is expensive’ -- tragic stories of Covid victims in Ganga -Sajid Ali Some residents of Gahmar in Ghazipur say they’ve had to resort to immersing bodies in the Ganga due to high number of deaths, rising cost of cremations. Gahmar, Ghazipur: Five dogs are lying asleep next to three withered corpses on the bank of the River Ganga. At the thrum of our approaching motorboat, one dog pops its head up to look, and then promptly goes back to sleep. Amit Sah, who is...

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Uttarakhand's rivers quench the thirst of millions while its residents face water shortage -Mayank Aggarwal * Uttarakhand has vast water resources and is a lifeline for millions of people living in downstream areas. However, many areas in the state are facing a water shortage. * The hill state is going to polls in the first phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections on April 11. In some constituencies, voters, dissatisfied with authorities for failing to provide water facilities, aim to register their protests, by boycotting the...

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