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9 of World's 10 most air-polluted cities in South Asia, deadly air causes 2 million premature deaths - World Bank

Urgent action needed to curb deadly air pollution in South Asia A new report by the World Bank states that Nine out of the world’s 10 cities with the worst air pollution are in South Asia. Ambient air pollution is a public health crisis for South Asia, not only imposing high economic costs but also causing an estimated 2 million premature deaths each year. The health impacts of air pollution range...

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Latest Christian Aid report identifies top 10 climate disasters of 2022

-Press released by Christian Aid dated 27 December, 2022 * Study identifies the year’s 10 costliest extreme events influenced by the climate crisis - each caused more than $3 billion in damage. * Report also examines 10 other extreme events that caused massive human and environmental damage, mostly in the poorest countries. * The floods that submerged parts of Pakistan in June displaced 7m people and caused more than $30 billion in estimated...

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Climate change induced extreme events are playing havoc with human lives & livelihoods, show latest available data

It is evident from various studies (please click here, here and here to access) that emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) by the developed as well as the developing countries is responsible for climate change, thus causing extreme weather events to occur, with much more ferocity than in the past. The negative impact of climate change may or may not be felt in the geographical location where historically emission has taken...

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Is India on track in reducing TB incidence and deaths?

Like the fight against poverty and hunger, the progress made by mankind against tuberculosis (TB) in the years up to 2019 has either slowed, stalled, or reversed, and global TB targets are off track due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, although the reported number of people newly diagnosed with TB decreased from 7.1 million to 5.8 million between 2019 and 2020, the number went up to 6.4 million in 2021....

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Water link to air crisis: 2009 Punjab law spark for stubble fires -Zia Haq

-Hindustan Times In north India’s food-bowl states, farmers set aflame paddy stalks around October to clear their fields for their next crop. This releases millions of tonnes of smoke, carbon dioxide stored in plant biomass, toxins and planet-warming gases in the atmosphere. Some environmentalists reckon this to be the deadliest spell of pollution in all of South Asia. In north India’s food-bowl states, farmers set aflame paddy stalks around October to clear...

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