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PS Vijayshankar, an expert on Sustainable Farming and water resource management, interviewed by Shreehari Paliath (India Spend)

-India Spend India's transition to Sustainable Farming has to be calibrated and orchestrated well, drawing lessons from the successes of India's Green Revolution and the recent crisis in Sri Lanka, says Sustainable Farming expert P.S. Vijayshankar Bengaluru: The production-centric intensive agriculture brought about by India's Green Revolution in the 1960s, using high-yielding seeds, fertilisers and high levels of groundwater utilisation, helped India achieve food self-sufficiency by the 1970s, but has created a...

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India opposes attempt to link action on emissions to farming -Jayashree Nandi and Sharm El Sheikh

-Hindustan Times India on Thursday communicated strong objections to discussions under a special UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) effort known as the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture, which has sought to expand efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouses gases to the agriculture sector. According to people aware of the matter, a draft decision under the Koronivia Joint Work mentions mitigation – the efforts to reduce emissions – multiple times. “Noted that...

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Antimicrobial resistance: Intensification of food production must be sustainable -Habibar Rahman and Kennady Vijayalakshmy

-Down to Earth Rise in demand for meat and dairy products was reconciled through the intensification of livestock systems Intensification of food production is gaining prominence in a world battered by climate change and food insecurity. Intensification aims to increase output for each unit of input (labour, land, time, fertiliser, seed, feed, or money). The need for intensification is more pressing when the supply of food needs to be augmented. For instance, in...

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Centre Approves Rs.27,360 Crore To Develop Schools Under PM-SHRI Scheme

-PTI/ The schools will be "technologically driven" and will be developed into Green schools, incorporating environment-friendly tools like solar panels, LED lights, nutrition gardens with natural farming, waste management. New Delhi: The 14,000 schools to be developed as PM-SHRI schools will be selected through a three-stage challenge where they will compete for support to become "exemplary" schools, according to Ministry of Education officials. The schools will be geo-tagged for the selection and monitoring,...

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Greening of barren lands – the traditional way -Basant Yadav, Nitesh Patidar, Anupma Sharma, Niranjan Panigrahi, Rakesh K Sharma, V. Loganathan, Gopal Krishan, Jaswant Singh, Suraj Kumar and Alison Parker The Chauka system, the traditional water harvesting system of Rajasthan can not only provide a sustainable way to manage water resources in water stressed regions, but also support livelihoods through development of pastures. Over 55 percent of India’s population relies on groundwater for irrigation, water for cattle, domestic consumption, and industrial use making India the world’s greatest groundwater extractor, surpassing the USA and China combined. This paper titled 'Assessment of traditional rainwater...

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