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Delhi HC flags violations as city unlocks, says such breach will only hasten 3rd wave

-The Indian Express The high court asked the Centre and Delhi government to take strict measures, sensitise shopkeepers and hold meetings with markets and vendors associations in this regard. Breach of Covid protocol will only hasten the Third wave, the Delhi High Court warned on Friday while taking note of the violations in markets in the national capital following the easing of restrictions this week. The court asked authorities to take strict...

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To prepare for the Third wave of Covid-19, here is what India needs to do -Abhishek Jha and Vineet Sachdev

-Hindustan Times The second wave of Covid-19 infections in India peaked on May 9, 2021. The seven-day moving average of daily cases has come down to 85,807 from the peak of 391,819 on May 9. The fact that India faced a severe second wave of infections, which overwhelmed the health infrastructure, has underlined the importance of preparing well for the Third wave. Of course, the pace of vaccinations will matter the most...

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Connecting the dots to mitigate a Third wave -Brian Wahl

-The Hindu The acronym ‘DOTS’ is a framework to understand the dynamics of the second wave, thereby helping mitigate the next After a long and painful month-and-a-half, confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India have been declining steadily for more than a month. Deaths have started to decrease as well. However, it is a long way down from an unprecedented peak of more than 400,000 daily cases, and the suffering will continue for...

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How to bend the Third wave -Arvind Subramanian

-The Indian Express Decision-making on vaccines should be imbued by a spirit of cooperative federalism rather than partisanship and guided by scientists rather than thrust upon judges through political abdication. As the second wave of the pandemic recedes, the devastating death toll — and its massive official under-stating — has occupied a lot of attention. Vaccines have, rightly, become the focus of policy. Effective vaccine policy over the next few months will,...

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Chinmay Tumbe of the Department of Economics at the IIM, Ahmedabad, interviewed by Govindraj Ethiraj ( India Spend) Between 1817 and 1920, India faced three pandemics that wiped out large chunks of its population. What lessons do these events hold for India today on how to manage the ongoing Covid-19 surge and how to plan ahead? Our interview with Chinmay Tumbe. Mumbai: The Covid-19 pandemic has been with us now for more than a year and in India we are just seeing the beginning of the tapering off of...

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