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How will Indian Cities Fare if a Turkey-like Earthquake Strikes the Subcontinent?

On 6 February, 2023 Southern Turkey and the adjoining areas in Syria were hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by several aftershocks. The tremors have flattened buildings and destroyed roads and other infrastructure. At least 35,000 casualties (UPDATE) have occurred across Turkey and Syria, with the vast majority being in the former nation. A news report cited the Turkish environment minister saying that 24,921 buildings across the region had collapsed. What...

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Stress in villages, but growth in cities, says Hindustan Unilever CEO - Sagar Malviya

Economic Times Unilever global chief executive Alan Jope said high inflation impacted demand from low income consumers in Indian villages even as growth remains stronger in cities. "The market growth in India remains stronger in urban areas than in rural areas and that reflects the high impact of high food inflation on low income consumers. We are seeing rural markets broadly flat in value terms with lower volumes," Jope said during its...

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Economic Survey 2022-23 Highlights inflation risks and Rupee depreciation pressure on Indian Economy

The Economic Survey 2022-23, released today, has flagged threats to the Indian economy, even as it forecasts a GDP growth rate of 6.5% for the next fiscal year. The survey has said that the challenge of the Indian rupee depreciating remains. "However, the challenge of the depreciating rupee, although better performing than most other currencies, persists with the likelihood of further increases in policy rates by the US Fed". What...

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Why Indian scientists are critiquing IPCC report -- unfair burden on developing countries -Sinrin Sirur Scientists at M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation claim IPCC projections give rich nations higher energy consumption, cutting down share of developing ones, potentially affecting development. New Delhi: A group of scientists from the Chennai-based M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation have challenged the assumptions of the sixth assessment report by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), arguing that the modeled scenarios on how to achieve global net-zero emissions place an unfair burden...

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After Punjab, now Haryana youth fleeing to US–by any ‘donkey’ means possible -Jyoti Yadav There is no guarantee of a college seat or a job. And so village after village, Haryana is watching its young men leave–and the rise of an industry of touts, agents, helpers and hustlers. Jind/Kurukshetra: There’s a giant US-style open, neon-green, modular kitchen in the Sharmas’ two-floor home in Haryana’s Dhatrath village. It has a parking garage and a 50-inch TV playing Instagram reels of American life all day. From the...

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